Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make your own costumes/props/wigs? 

I do make the majority of my own costumes including props and wig styling and take great pride in doing so. There are a few exceptions scattered around my portfolio, and all will have credit and links to the creator of those pieces.

Will you come out to ___ con? 

If you would like to see me at a con please let the convention know you would like to have me as a guest! I am always interesting in coming out to help educate others and help with costume contests and events. 

Do you take commissions?

Commission work does not fit in my current schedule, I have a full time job and cosplay as a hobby on top of that. My own costumes can take months to make, and at this point I only complete 2-3 per year. I would feel horrific asking that sort of timeline for a commission, and I would really rather keep working on my own pieces.

Will you sell me your ____ costume/prop? 

The short answer on this one is No. I generally wear all of my costumes for several years (my oldest still used costume part is 15 years old!) so they generally get worn out before I get to the point of selling them. If I do sell anything I will post on my social media about it. I am in the process of creating kits of some of my prop pieces, so check back for those!

Will you sell me the Destiny axe tho?

No. That is my soul and my baby and I will be buried with it. Seriously, if I die unexpectedly  bury me holding that axe.

Can I have your patterns?

I am working on eventually having copies of some of my patterns available once I get the store up. Some I would like to do as simple tutorials, but the more complex patterns I will charge for.

Can I have a cast from one of your molds? 

I am working on having the Wind Waker, Toon Link's belt buckle and Mad Max brands available soon. Moving forward I would like to do the same for anything else I create molds of as part of my process.

Can you tell me how you made ___?

There should be a detailed write up with every one of my builds, I am working on getting some of the older ones put together as I did not write them at the time. If there is every anything that isn't clear on my process feel free to reach out to me via social media or Contact Me and I will be happy to try and help!

How did you learn to do all of this?

The internet and trial and error. I have a BFA in sculpture but most of what I use for cosplay is from years of watching others work, testing things out and messing them up horribly. I do try and keep a details links list of tutorials I like and other resources here

Will you do a photoshoot with me?

I am always happy to take pictures with other cosplayers and work with new photographers! Feel free to reach out to me via my social media or Contact Me